Evaluation of the Novaerus Technology in an Infectious Disease Hospital


SC Sante International SA


The “Dr V. Babes” Hospital of Infectious and Tropical Diseases; Bucharest, Romania



To evaluate the effect of the NV200 and NV800 air purification system on the microbial load of the ambient air, to compare the effectiveness of the purification system over the test period, and to evaluate the ease of use of the system and the tolerance of this in the environment.


The test was carried out in practical and current activity conditions and involved three stages:

  1. Selecting test zones/locations and establishing the number of Novaerus systems needed
  2. Determination of the test points and the collection time
  3. Methodology of the collection and processing of the samples

Summary of Benefits

The testing of air samples reflected a 96% reduction in airborne bacteria CFU/m3 and airborne fungi CFU/m3.

The hospital staff found the Novaerus air purification system to be tolerable, easy to use, and safe for patients and staff.

The Novaerus air purification system complements existing measures to combat infections and does not require additional interventions to ensure that it functions without interruption.